2018 South Bay Family Roundup, Torrance, CA., 8/31-9/3/18, CD’s, CD Sets, Digital Downloads, Conferences




2018 South Bay Family Roundup, Torrance, CA., 8/31-9/3/18

AA Opening Speaker Meeting

Diana M., Largo,FL


Al-Anon Luncheon Speaker

Young Al-Anon Speaker:  Angela C., Tustin, CA (10 minutes)

Al-Anon Speaker:  Bo T., West Blockton, AL


AA Women’s Speaker Meeting

Michele L., Bellflower, CA


AA Banquet Speaker

Sheldon F., Las Vegas, NV

Conversations with a drunk

Wesley G.


Family Speaker Meeting

Alateen Speaker – Morgan K., Lomita (10 Minutes)

AA Speaker – Paula W., Brentwood, CA

Al-Anon Speaker – Yvonne H., Santa Monica, CA


People, Places & Things in Big Book with Lee C.


AA Longtimers Meeting


Al-Anon Longtimers Meeting


AA Biker Speaker Meeting

Garret S., Leander, TX


AA Musicians Speaker Meeting

Steve T., West Hills, CA


AA Closing Meeting

Lyle P., Stockbridge, GA


Workshop Speakers:

Herb K., Grace-Willingness. Gift-Action. Invitation-Response 2 CD’s

Lee C., The Writing of the Big Book

Jay S., Spiritualism, Mysticism, and AA Co-Founders 2 CD’s

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2018 South Bay Roundup

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